Rubol Privacy Statement

Rubol acts with regard to your personal data on the basis of the relevant, national and European privacy legislation.

Purpose of processing personal data

In order to be able to properly handle your requests, it is necessary that you provide us with all relevant (personal) data. Based on the (personal) data provided by you, customized advice can be provided. The (personal) details provided by you are only used for the purpose for which you provided them.

Protection of personal data

We handle your (personal) data carefully and adhere to the relevant laws and regulations. Our employees are bound to secrecy and have a penalty clause in violation of the confidentiality clause in their employment contracts. All personal data or items you provide that are important for the service to you are treated in the strictest confidence.

In addition, we take the following measures to minimize the risk of personal data loss:

  •     We ensure good security for our offices and our systems.
  •     If we use third parties, we submit at least the same security requirements to this third party.
  •     We only process data by those for whom it is necessary in the context of their function.
  •     The (personal) data of customers and suppliers are stored by us in a database and used exclusively for commercial purposes.

Your rights

Under the privacy legislation you have the following rights:

  •     right to inspect your personal data;
  •     right to correction of your personal data;
  •     right to removal of your personal data;
  •     right to object (to oppose) against certain ways of using your personal data;
  •     the right to data portability (the right to transfer your personal data to another provider).


You can use these rights by sending us an email with your request.

When you visit our web pages, the following data are automatically stored and processed in a protocol for the benefit of the service:

  •     date and time of the page call,
  •     URL of the call,
  •     browser used (user agent),
  •     success or failure of the call (status of the call),
  •     size of the received and transmitted data,
  •     runtime.

The processing of this data is necessary for technical reasons to make the service available; the data can also be used to compile internal system and usage statistics. This is not, however, data that can be traced back to certain persons. Insofar as statistics are compiled to shape the web page according to the wishes of users, pseudonyms are used for this.

Visitors to these web pages occasionally use cookies. Cookies are stored in your browser to increase the quality of the service. The cookies used are so-called “session cookies”, which automatically lose their validity after the end of your browser and are removed depending on the method set in your browser. You can prevent the use of cookies in general by setting this up in your browser. This may, however, lead to the functionality of the web pages being limited.

Complaints regulation

Although we handle your (personal) data very carefully, there may be some uncertainties or you may be dissatisfied with our course of action.

For information or complaints, please contact us through the following options:

Phone: +31 (0)622119506

For general questions, please contact us via email

Modification of the provisions

We reserve the right to change this privacy statement. If the privacy statement has changed since your last visit you will receive a notification when you visit our website.