Inventronics EFD-1K2xxxDV 1200 WATT

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Inventronics EFD-1K2xxxDV 1200 Watt LED Driver

The EFD-1K2SxxxDT series is a 1200W, constant-current, programmable LED driver that operates from 180-
528Vac input with excellent power factor. Created for many lighting applications including high mast, sports,
horticulture and aquaculture, it provides a dim-to-off mode with low standby power. The high efficiency of these
drivers and compact metal case enables them to run cooler, significantly improving reliability and extending
product life. To ensure trouble-free operation, protection is provided against input surge, under voltage lock out,
input over voltage, output over voltage, short circuit, and over temperature.


Adjustable Output Current Range Full-Power Current Range(1) Default Output Current Input  Voltage Range(2) Output  Voltage Range Max. Output Power Typical Efficiency (3) Power Factor 277Vac Power Factor 480Vac Model Number
0.336-4.2A 3.36-4.20A 4.2A 180~528Vac/ 255~500Vdc 143~357Vdc 1200W 96.0% 0.96 0.95 EFD-1K2S420DV
0.448-5.60A 4.48–5.60A 5.6A 180~528Vac/ 255~500Vdc 108~268Vdc 1200W 95.5% 0.96 0.95 EFD-1K2S560DV
0.592-7.40A 5.92–7.4A 7.0A 180~528Vac/ 255~500Vdc 81~202Vdc 1200W 95.0% 0.96 0.95 EFD-1K2S740DV


  •  Ultra High Efficiency (Up to 96.0%)
  •  Full Power at Wide Output Current Range (Constant Power)
  • Thermal Sensing and Protection for LED Module
  • 0-10V/PWM/Timer Dimmable (3 Timer Modes, Isolated
  • Dim-to-Off with Standby Power ≤ 2.5 W
  • Output Lumen Compensation
  • Input Surge Protection: 6kV line-line, 10kV line-earth
  • All-Around Protection: OVP, SCP, OTP
  • Waterproof (IP67) and UL Wet / Dry / Damp Location
  • TYPE HL, for use in a Class I, Division 2 hazardous
    (Classified) location
  • 5 Years Warranty

Download hier het gegevensblad Inventronics-EFD-1K2SxxxDV_Rev.-D

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